US -15 1000Lumen

LED light US-15, 10W, 1000 lm
Sales price: 96 €

Ideal both as main and backup light.
Thanks to a cooling radiator on the torch's housing, the product doesn't overheat on the surface and, therefore, it is also ideal as a hand-held torch at home or in our car.
Its low weight without the batteries (3 x R14) makes it perfect for travelling by air.

- Light source: LED "Cree"-XML T6, light color: white
- LED's lifespan: about 100 000h
- Power: 10W, 1000 lm
- Beam angle: 10 degrees
- Color temperature: 6000 K - 7000 K
- Power supply: 3 x R14
- Material: anodized aluminium
- Head: lens made of ultra clear, tempered glass and aluminium reflector keeping ideal angle of 10˚
- Water-resistance: 200 m (IP 68)
- Working time: about 4,4 h
- Size: 220 mm x 50 mm (head) x 33 mm (body)
- Weight: 185 g (without batteries)