R2 ice/R5 Tec Hogarthian Twin Set

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Hogarth Configuration Regulator set R2Ice & R5 tec
Για διπλές φιάλες


O καλύτερος συνδυασμός ρυθμιστών για διπλές φιάλες

2 X R2 Ice  1st stage Βalanced diaphragm

2 X R5 tec 2nd stage Βalanced

Μανόμετρο 55mm Ο2 clean

2 X bold snap

1m cave line


  • 1X 210cm
  • 1X 65cm HP
  • 1X56cm MP



R5 tec 2nd stage Βalanced

Adjustable cracking pressure
Venturi control
Suitable for cold water diving
A polyamide material

Weight 210g

R2 Ice




The regulators from series 2, with excellent parameters, proved very well both in practice and in laboratory
tests of Polish Marine Academy in Gdynia. On the basis of tests, all of SCUBATECH regulators
obtained the certificates CE 1463 from Polish Register of Shipping. These certificates state that
our regulators fulfill the requirements of EN 250, 2000 norm, which defines strict technical parameters for
regulators designed for cold waters. Regulators from series 2 have incredibly low breathing resistance, which
contributes to minimizing air consumption.
•Additional dry chamber (COLD KIT)
•4 LP ports, 2 HP ports
•Maximum operational pressure 300 bar
•Maximum flow by 20 MPa
•Pressure: 3823 l/min
•Intermediate pressure: 9,5 bar
•Material: maritime bronze
•Weight: 730g